About Me

In leadership, character communicates most eloquently. I am an impact-driven leader who thrives in people skills development and life transformation.

Focus areas.

People / Market / Customers


Project management

Leading teams to build relevant solutions that users love in response to real problems. Building high value services with high service standards.


Public Speaking and Writing

Thought leadership in life transformation and how to live and work well with people. People skills: emotional intelligence, relationships building, critical thinking, personal leadership dev’t.


Training and Coaching

Helping corporate leaders and aspiring leaders to become great communicators and high impact, moving speakers and storytellers.

What I do

Finding work that you can lose yourself in is key to doing more for others.


Project Mngmt

Building for the market is an art. I help teams leverage technology to deliver that art without obsessing more about the technology than the users. Technology is just a tool, and enabler.


People Skills Training

A great life, business or career is very much determined by the relationships we build with people. I provide people skills training to individuals and organizations.


Public Speaking

I am a burgeoning speaker on life transformation and personal development with a pains-taking attention on holistic growth and development across all dimensions of life.


Effective Communication Coaching

A holistic personalized coaching program that seamlessly integrates both interpersonal communication and public speaking, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for any communication scenario.


Solution / Product Design

Top level solutions architectures for software solutions. I basically answer the questions what components need to be built and how will they work together as a system to achieve desired outcomes?


Web design

I help individuals and organizations standout with their web presentation and communication. Businesses and individuals today must present themselves as brands with resonant, consistent and memorable messaging.

Client Experiences

“The essence of working with people is mutual attendance of pre-determined goals and outcomes. I help individuals and organizations gain proficiency and mastery in effective communication.”

We have been getting glowing feedback on communication on our website. Thanks to Kizito. He helped us to communicate our business through our website in the most compelling way. He brings high levels of professionalism, and enthusiasm to hist art. 

Isaac Kagara

MD, Global Planners

I always struggled with meeting people and telling my own stories in a way that got others engaged and interested. This coaching program has been a game changer for my social life, public speaking, confidence and business.

Eugene Hart

CEO, M & O

Public speaking and especially storytelling are some of Kizito’s most compelling skills. In this day where businesses that succeed are the ones that are able to tell compelling stories that customers can relate with, entrepreneurs need assets like this.

Michael Dening

CEO, QuikPay

Education & Experience


Carnegie Mellon University - Africa

Master of science in information technology

📍Kigali, Rwanda


Faculty of Engineering and Technology - University of Buea, Cameroon

Bachelor of engineering in electronics and telecommunications.

📍Buea, Cameroon


Software Engineer - Adipster Tech Ltd

📍Yaounde, Cameroon


Data Analyst Intern - Africa Data Centers

📍Nairobi, Kenya


Teaching Assistant - Carnegie Mellon University

Course: Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers across 3 campuses: Kigali, Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh


Machine Learning Consultant - Yusudi

Developed a learning path recommendation scheme to help learners choose the path that's likely to give them the necessary skills for their chosen career.

📍Nairobi, Kenya


Machine Learning Engineer - Trust Stamp

Collaborated with researchers to developed, test and validate machine learning pipelines that solve major problems in biometric identity solutions like presentation attack detection.

📍Kigali, Rwanda


Project Manager - Auricca & Global Planners

Aurrica: Managing the development of a software product. Daily role comprises brainstorming improvements in the solution's architecture and guiding the development team towards a customer-centric product or service.

Global Planners Ltd: Helping the foundational setup of this newly founded event management company.

📍Kigali, Rwanda