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Empowering Speakers, leaders, executives, and managers to become Effective, influential & impactful Public speakers & Communicators.

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When you open your mouth to speak, you tell the world who you are!​

Unlock confident, high impact public speaking and leadership presence with holistic, highly personalized coaching tailored to your needs & goals.

Change the atmosphere in any room when you open your mouth to speak and exude leadership presence. Unlock new levels of personal and corporate success.

Let’s start your journey to powerful communication today!

Why Use Your Voice?

Your voice is the most used and most powerful communication instrument that you have. There is no other instrument that you use as much as your voice. If you're going to use it anyway, use it well.

You are either using your voice or wasting it. Sadly, most people drift through life, wasting their voice. But not you, leader. Forge your voice and speech to emanate leadership so that you can:


Unlock Your Leadership

Have you grown in your career but feel like you have hit the proverbial ceiling? Often poor communication is a primary reason why skilled people can't rise to leadership roles. As a result, leadership capacities avoid you like the plague. Do something about it now or keep running the rat race.

Overcome Nervousness

If you find yourself driven into panic and can't thoughtfully speak in public with confidence, presence and calm, this personalized coaching will help you. Awaken and unleash the sleeping giant within you that is craving to be heard and seen authentically and unapologetically.

Become a Top Voice / Thought leader

Expertise and thought leadership emanates from confident, precise speech. If your competence level in an area is a 10 but your communication level is a 3, you will be always be seen as a 3. To standout as an expert, you must be articulate.



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What Clients Say

I am a calm, confident and grounded speaker now. Before, I was a nervous wreck in front of audiences. My anxiety used to start days before and climax when I took the stage. Coaching has been transformative for me.

Clarisse Kuna __ Managing Partner, EasyEyes Int.

We do some amazing work, but communication in our team and with partners has been a challenge for us. Working with Kizito is turning that around. We’re checking off goals and hitting targets.

Filmon Hagos​ __ CTO, Aurrica