The Way You Introduce Yourself Can Warp Your Identity and Self-concept

It’s crazy we introduce ourselves by saying “My name is Kizito Nyuytiymbiy and I am an engineer.”

Where is the flaw in saying that? If you’re going to say my name is Kizito, you should also say, and my job is engineer. While that might sound grammatically incorrect, it is conceptually very correct.

Why? Because you are not your job title, you are not even your job, and you are definitely not your career. We should be saying I am Kizito, and I work as an engineer.

Why is it crucial that we get this right and develop a correct paradigm of the way we perceive ourselves? Here’s why.

Because identity is a stable conception of the self, but jobs come and go. If the way you conceptualized yourself and perceive yourself as far as definition and identity is concerned is inherently flawed, then the way you would perceive and interpret the world will be inherently flawed. And if the way you interpret the world is inherently flawed, then the way you act in it, behave in it, and carry yourself in it will be inherently flawed.

This article is an excerpt from a YouTube video on my channel called People Skills.

You can grasp the whole perspective here: Your First Step to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking — Start with WHY | ps_e02 — YouTube

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