The Borders of Life: Birth and Death

Life on earth is certainly bounded by birth and death but within it there are many partial deaths and rebirths.

We don’t only live while we live, we also die many times while we live. Parts of us die and dissolve and give way for the new.

To not die as such is to resist living fully in the present. We have to let parts of us die so that in the wake of our resurrection, we might see a whole new life. This is a precursor for transcendence.

Death is feared and dreaded but death is not our enemy. Sometimes not dying is. For there are often things and parts of us that need to die so that better can be birth.

For the new to come and flourish, the old has to die. Since the old is often part of us, we have to die to be born again renewed. And yet we thought to be “born again” was only a religious concept.

Think about forgiveness. If you’ve been hurt deeply, to fully live without the heartache of that hurt coming back to life every time you see the person who hurt you, something in you has to die.

Birth and death are the borders of life on earth. The way in and way out. But between this in and out, is life. And while we live, we have to seek and welcome partial deaths and rebirths.

When something dies in us, we have to let go so that we might live and experience the new that comes afterwards.

Are you holding on to death and the dead? Let go. Die fully and resurrect renewed. Transcend!!!

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